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History of the Vista
Vista Wee Yon Wa Untka, Inc.

1961 Father Joseph A. Fischer purchased 123 acres of farm land on Crooked Lake
(east of Dundee) from William A. Koch for $17,500

1961 July 24 - Vista Wee Yon Wa Untka (Sioux Indian for  "Our Lady of Hope")
was incorporated

1962 The Wisconsin State Conservation Commission condemned the land with
the intention of incorporating it into the State Park

1963 98.5 acres of land on Cedar Lake (present site of the Vista) was offered
to Father Fischer, along with a payment of $31,000.

1963-64 Six dormitory cabins, one main lodge including kitchen and dining facilities,
and one 'rectory’ cabin were constructed by the P.J.Jansen Co. of Milwaukee

1964 July 17 - Vista Wee Yon Wa Untka was blessed and dedicated to Our Lady of Hope
by Archbishop William E. Cousins

1967 An adjoining 122 acre farm was purchased for $21,500 (present site of the "St. John
Vianney Home" and the "farm house".)

1967 Father Fischer left Our Lady of Good Hope Parish and was appointed pastor
of Our Lady of Angels Parish, Armstrong

1970 August 16 - forest fire at the south end of the Vista which burned for almost a week.
Water was pumped from the lake for a week before it was finally extinguished.

1972-73 "Our Lady of the Vista Chapel" was erected
1973 August 15 - "Our Lady of the Vista Chapel" was blessed and dedicated
by Archbishop William E. Cousins

1977 A large addition to the Dining Room was constructed with showers in the lower
level and a small apartment

1980 June -- Father Fischer retired to the Vista.
1980 September - Father Fischer was asked to be pastor of St. Andrew Parish, LeRoy
1984 February - Father Fischer retired to the Vista from diocesan work after having
suffered a stroke

1984 - 80 acres of land across the lake was purchased from two Milwaukee doctors,
Dr. Kou and Soo, for $120,000. An additional 6 acres of land along
Airport Road was purchased from the Dundee Gun Club for $5,000.

1984 September  - Father Fischer moved into the rectory at Our Lady of Angels Parish,
Armstrong, to help with parish work there and St. Michael Parish, Dotyville.

1988 June - Failing health forced Father Fischer to completely retire and return to the Vista.
1991 “St. John Vianney Home” was built where Father lived until his death
1997 May 4 - Father Joseph A. Fischer was called to his eternal reward.  Father Mike
Shea, CSsR, was elected president of the Vista

1998 Paul P. Gergen replaced Fr. Mike Shea as president of the Vista followed in 2002
by Mary Gergen.

2002-03 Extensive repairs to the dormitory buildings including new roofs on all
the buildings, outside and inside painting.

2004 New roof put on main lodge and Trading Post - 2 of the small cottages (#104 & #103)
"rebuilt" with new windows, new roofs, new kitchen cabinets and bathroom fixtures

2004 New carillons blessed and dedicated by Archbishop Timothy Dolan on October 31
2005 Extensive repairs to the Wangler Home and Oratory (being used at that time
by Archbishop Timothy Dolan);  Cottage #101 renovated
2006 45th Anniversary of the Vista was celebrated on October 8 with a special Mass with
Bishop Richard Sklba, main celebrant, followed by dedication and blessing of
the Vista Archives
2008 May 13 - lease given to Andrew and Anna Fidziukiewicz of Chicago
to direct and maintain the Vista.
Under the Direction of Andrew and Anna Fidziukiewicz:
2008  - Foundation for Energy Building constructed
All electrical wires buried
One cabin was remodeled, insulated, new windows and doors, including bunk
beds; washrooms enlarged and improved to include showers
gas tanks relocated
2009  -  Two more cabins were completely remodeled, insulated, new windows and doors,
and bunk beds installed. Washrooms in each cabin were enlarged and improved to include
showers. Steps were erected leading from the cabins to the lakefront and swimming area
Beach and swimming area extended to include a volleyball court on the beach.
Lower level of the dining room (formerly used as a dormitory) was remodeled
to be used as a game/meeting room to include a canteen corner to make snacks
and beverages available to campers.
Trading Post was converted to Arts & Crafts Cabin
2010 - Construction of Wind Turbine began, Remaining cabins renovated; windows replacement
fixed drywall and painted.  Replaced trimming.T hree Larger septic systems installed
Cottages remodeled and improved. New stage by athletic field constructed
Two acres of land bordering Airport Rd purchased from Narges Estate to protect
the Cedar Lake from any chemical spray or powders that might be use by farmers
Satelite internet installed
2011 - main building painted, some old windows replaced, three east cabins painted
Replaced satelite internet for At&t wireless internet (limited access)
2011 September 18-19   50th Anniversary of Vista Wee Yon Wa Untka - Camp Vista
2012 - Replacing all water heaters (except main building and the chapel
2013 - replacing boiler in Jasmine Cabii. Starting to rent the farm
2014 - replacing furnaces in all furnaces (except the chapel)
2015 -  new addition to the camp - electric generator that will provide electricity to the main camp when the power goes off
2016 - renovating bascetball and voleyball firlds.  Creating the tornado shelter