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About us

The Vista was established in 1961 by the late Fr. Joseph A. Fischer. 
His vision and goal was to provide a natural setting where people of
all socio-economic, cultural and religious backgrounds could enjoy the outdoor environment and learn how to bring Christ's love to others. 
Camp Vista continues to operate today in the spirit of christian-catholic priest
 Fr. Joseph Fischer
as an inspiring gathering place to become more aware of and develop our God given talents. Vista "Wee Yon Wa Untka", Sioux Indian for Our Lady of Hope,
is a place of refreshment and new beginnings for those
who take time in their busy lives to experience God's presence there.

In our complex secular society, all of us need places where we can slow down and experience the Kingdom of God, at least for a little while, in order that we can be a clearer sign of God's love in our families, schools, neighborhoods, and workplaces.

The natural beauty invites one to walk slowly for a while down the paths carved through fields and woods; to see wisps of clouds reflected in the smooth surface of the lake; to tune in to the sounds of the Vista - the whistling and chattering of birds, the song of the wind in the pine trees - chirping of crickets and frogs - the excited cries of youngsters on the sports field.  These many sounds are reminders
of the creative presence of God.

Those who come to the Vista will notice the constant efforts of camp leaders
and staff to help everyone experience bible reading in peaceful atmosphere,
friendship, love, compassion, honesty and forgiveness. 

You are invited to come to Camp Vista to relax
be together with Our God.

Boy Scouts Groups,
Family Groups
Any Christian Community are Welcome!

"Wee Yon Wa Untka"
Sioux Indian for
"Our Lady of Hope pray for us"